Monday, March 25, 2013

What I Have Gotten Out of Running

I actually wanted to write this post last week but life happens and so does work. The last couple of weeks have been busy but I did manage to get in some runs. The week of March 10 I got in 24.2 miles. I was home one day and got to go for a nice 5 miler and my long run was a half marathon. Jeff and I slowed down for our "new" running buddy even though he has run with us before. Jamey got back out there after taking some time off and it was nice to get in a 6 miler with him Sunday morning (March 17).

I didn't run as many miles this past week as I would have liked but I did get in just over 14 miles.  I got home Thursday and got to run 7 miles.  Saturday was an exciting day.  I got to run for a little boy at the Booneville City Park.  His name is Brett and the name of the race was Brett's SuperHero 5K.  Since I'd never run at the park before I really didn't know what to expect.  It was a great course.  I ended up finishing with a PR of 30:40 (9:54 pace)!

Now to the title of my post.  Some of the things I have gotten are obvious.  Things like losing weight and getting to the point that I can run for a while without walking.  Some things you can't see.

The best thing that I have gotten out of running are my running friends.  Everyone knows that friendship is something that can't be bought.  I have made many friends over the last year and enjoy seeing them when we are out for a group run.  Some of my Facebook running friends I have never meet.  I am part of a group of trucking runners and we encourage each other daily.

Of course, the Lunatic Fringe group is my favorite group and its made up of some of the most awesome people I've ever met. I could name each one and tell you about them but then this post would be too long.

Another thing I've gotten out of running is that my diet has changed so much. When I started this journey I couldn't believe how many calories I was putting in my body. Now that I am a little wiser, I try to make better choices in what I eat. I feel I am much better educated about the foods I choose to eat.

The last thing, that I want to write about today, that I've gotten out of running is confidence. At the beginning I would have never thought I could run one mile. Ice made lots of little changes and have set many goals along the way.. I have accomplished everyone of those goals but I'm not finished yet. I still set goals monthly and yearly. I am confident that if I set my mind to it I can get it done.

Thanks for dropping by this week!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's All about Shoes This Week

This has been a very exciting running week for me!  I got to run a total of four times.  My job brought me home Tuesday afternoon but the wind was blowing so hard and it was so cold that I decided to wait until Wednesday morning to run.  I finally got out the door around 8:00 and ended up with 9 miles at a 10:31 pace.

I went by Trails & Treads in Tupelo on my way to work and was talking with my friend, David, and he said, "You gonna leave here without buying anything?"  I said, "I'll be back soon for a pair of Saucony Kinvara 3's."  He said, "What size do you wear?"  I told him a 10 and he lead me over to the sales rack and sure enough, there was a pair of the Kinvaras on sale for 50% off.  That made them $50.  I couldn't pass that up.

Then on Friday, I went by Shoe Carnival in Tupelo and found of pair of the shoes that I started out wearing two years ago, the Saucony ProGlide Ride 3.  My last pair, the second pair that I've had, have almost 500 miles on them so it is time to retire them.  I've been waiting on a pair of these to go on sale at Amazon but they never did.  Well, at Shoe Carnival I found them for $50!  That still almost half off the regular price that I gave for them a couple of years ago.  The best thing was they are a cool color and not just blue and white.

After getting home on Friday, I had to take those Kinvaras out for a run.  I took it easy and got in 5.1 miles at a 10:36 pace.  I really didn't know if that was a really smart move or not because of my race on Saturday morning but I really wanted to try out those shoes.

Saturday was my most exciting run day.  Jason and I rode down to New Albany together for the Amanda Price 10K/5K.  The weather was supposed to be perfect but when we arrived it was cooler than we thought it would be.  At 9 o'clock the 10K started and we were off!  I started out a little faster than I wanted but the farther I ran the faster I got.  My second mile was actually my slowest and mile 6 was the fastest.  I finished the 10K in 1:02:02 and that is a 10:01 pace.  I was so excited because I've never ran that fast in a 5K much less a 10K.  It was great to PR!

I also met a local "celebrity" at the race.  I saw Janet and Steve and went over to talk with them and they were talking with a guy and he stuck his hand out to shake mine and introduced himself.  I told him my name and then it dawned on me who he was.  I was Joe Birch from Action News 5 in Memphis.  We visited with each other for 10 or 15 minutes and I have to say he is a super cool guy!  It was really a pleasure to meet him.

Although I didn't bring home any bling, I did bring home two trophies that nobody wants.  I had worn some low-cut socks and should have known better even though I have worn them in training.  Around mile 4 my socks had slipped and the back of my shoe started rubbing the back of my foot.  I didn't even check up and kept on running.  As soon as I finished, I had to take my shoes and socks off.  Thankfully I had taken some clean clothes and another pair of shoes too.

Since the time changed on Sunday morning, Jeff and I still got up and went for a Sunday morning run.  I didn't slow down for him but I did slow down for my benefit.  We ran 7 miles at an 11:06 pace and it was a little warmer than it was yesterday but it was still good to get in the run.  That made my total for the week 27.3 miles.  It's been a while since I've ran that much in a week.

Now after all of that, I have come to what I have known I was going to write about for the last few days.  I've seen many questions on Facebook asking, "What is the best running shoe?"  First, let me say, you can NOT pick your running shoes by their color.  If you do, you are making your first mistake.  Second, if you ask a runner what the best running shoe is then he/she will tell you about what they are wearing.  I cannot tell you the best shoe for you is Saucony.  The best way to get the right shoe for you is to go to a running store and be fitted and try on different name brands and see which ones you feel the best to you.  I like pretty colors too but I never buy my shoes with color in mind unless I've worn them before and I can get them in a different color like I did the Ride 3 this week.

I know this ran kind of long this week but thanks for stopping by and visiting and hope to see you again next week.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Some of My Struggles

I stepped onto the scales again after over a month of not weighing and was pleasantly surprised.  Since my scales at the house have been broken, I had to go to the gym.  That happened this past Sunday morning.  It has been a while since I have written about my weight here but I'm happy to report that I am down to 194 pounds.  That is a total of 47 pounds that I have lost since I started on this journey.  I have lost it slow and since I have adopted a new lifestyle, I believe have a greater chance of keeping it off for the very long term.  I haven't taken a pill or used any other weight loss product either.  I also haven't gone on any of the many diets that are floating around now.  I have simply eaten healthier while still eating "junk" sometimes.

With all of that said, I still have struggles.  Although it might seem that I have lost all of the weight easily, it hasn't been.  Today I want to tell you about some of the times that I struggle.

First, I'll start with the diet side.  Around the big holidays are some of the times that I really struggle to not eat when I'm not hungry.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are the worst because of all the food that is usually sitting around.  If the food around your house is anything like at mine then most of it isn't a healthy choice.  I will still try to pick a protein like turkey to eat or some raw veggies.  I'm lucky with the veggie part because most people like to dip them in ranch dressing but since I don't like it, I just eat the veggie.

Another time that I struggle with what I eat is while I'm on the road.  I eat pretty healthy for the most part while I'm out but sometimes it seems I just have to have a burger and fries.  My biggest challenge is getting by a Chester's Chicken.  I love the chicken tenders and potato wedges.  The last few months it has been getting easier to skip it though.  I usually want to snack more than normal when I'm just sitting around waiting to get loaded or unloaded.   I try to keep fresh fruit in the truck with me and snack on it. Even without the limitations of the truck, we tend to get tired of eating the same foods day in and day out.  That is when I will turn to eating out.  When i do eat out, I usually eat at Subway.  I don't eat there as often as I once did though because they use HFCS in their bread.  Wendy's is another place I like to eat at because of the grilled chicken sandwich and chili that is full of protein.

You see, it's not an easy journey but you do have the power to overcome these and other struggles.  If you make the wrong choice one day, that doesn't mean that it's all over.  You can just start over at the next decision.  I've heard people say, "Well, I ate a bad breakfast so I'll just start back tomorrow."  I disagree! You still have a chance to make it right at lunch and dinner.  You'll just be that far ahead of the game then.

At Shiloh Battlefield looking toward the Indian Mounds
I did run three times this past week and two of those were just 5K.  My long run was a great run at the Shiloh Battlefield.  Jeff and I joined the group there and got in a 10 miler.  This was my fourth time to run the battlefield and I was determined that I was going to run every mile, even the big hill near the river.  As Jeff and I approached the indian mounds, I slowed my pace just a bit because it is downhill and I wanted to be able to keep my pace going up the hill.  Once you get to the bottom of the hill by the river, it doesn't flatten out very far and then starts up again and gets steeper.  By the time I got the the top of the hill, I was glad I was there.  It was a great feeling to be able to run all the way up that hill without having to walk.

Two more things! Did you notice that new picture where my picture used to be?  This is my new logo and was designed by my daughter, Abigale.  Please leave your comments about it in the comments below and let her know how she did.  I love it but I might be a little biased.  Also, if you haven't "liked" my Facebook page, please do so at the link on the right of the page under the "Additional Links" section.  The Facebook page and Twitter profile include the new logo and a picture that I took Saturday at Shiloh.  You comments are welcome there too.

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you again next week.