Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I Don't Want to Go

I've been struggling over the last couple of weeks with motivation.  I know I have written about motivation several times in this blog and I don't guess it would hurt to write about it again.  I'm just glad that it's not two years ago when I was still doing my running alone.  I would probably just lay in the bed every Saturday morning and tell myself, "I'll get it done a little later."  Later would never come.

I'm so thankful for my running friends around Corinth and also those truckers that are out there getting it done too.  I get to thinking about how hot it is outside and it just takes all of my motivation away.  That is when I have to dig really deep and just get up and get it done.

I have ran a total of 30.1 miles over the last couple of weeks and most of them have been struggles too. Not only have I ran but I have also biked too.  I bought a bike a little over a week ago and love it!  It's not going to replace running but will give me a chance to get some exercise while on the road.  My first ride was on Sunday, July 21, with my running buddy, Steve, and his wife and daughter.  I ended up with almost 11 miles that day but I didn't run that morning either.

I was passing through town on Wednesday and decided I was going to run and bike.  I ran 6 miles and then biked 7.5.  The next morning I didn't think that was such a good idea.  Thankfully I was still able to walk.

This past Saturday, when I got up to go to Hwy 350, I almost just went back to bed.  I had just started my vacation time.  Again, I didn't have the motivation.  I just didn't want to go run.  I laced up my shoes and drove out to our meeting place.  I told Jeff that I really didn't want to run but I was going to do 8 anyway.  By the time I got to the water stop, I was feeling pretty good.  I told Jeff that I wanted to go ahead and go another mile and turn around so I could get 10.  After arriving back at the start, I felt I could have ran more but I had to get a move on so the family and I could head out to our vacation destination.

Are there times when you just can't get motivated and you don't want to get moving?  What makes you get out there anyway?  Please leave your answers down in the comments box.  Thanks for stopping by and I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lift Each Other Up

I know I say it a lot but this past week a little busier than most "busy" weeks.  I was on the road all week but I still managed to get in almost 19 miles for the week.  I even got to run in a state I'd never ran in before.  I got the chance to run Wednesday morning and it was so humid that my clothes were soaked before I even got started good.  I just ran a normal route around town and got in 5.2 miles in an hour.

On Thursday afternoon, I was in Wisconsin and got the chance to run again.  Since I have a cousin that lives in Appleton, I was able to get a shower afterwards too.  I just left from the house and ran down to a trail and proceeded to run a loop a couple of times and then I went a different way and ran though Fox Valley Technical College.  I don't think I ran all of the trail because there were a couple of places I could have turned but decided not to and just went on back toward the house.  The weather was so nice that I did 5.57 miles in an hour.  It was about 77 degrees and no humidity.  I did sweat but not as bad as I had the day before in Mississippi.  While on this run I saw three rabbits and a ground hog.  I also noticed something that I don't normally notice.  It was the smell of wild flowers.  I wished I could have captured the smell and shared it but that's just something that you have to experience for yourself.

I was on the road all day Saturday so I didn't get a chance to run then.  I made up for it a little on Sunday morning when Jeff and I went for what should have been a longer run for me.  When we got to the park, about 2.5 miles, I was ready to quit.  I just wasn't feeling it and didn't want to run.  It did get a little better after while but I ended up with only 8 miles at an 11:30 pace.  As always, I was glad that the miles were in the book when I finished.  During this Sunday morning run, I also reached a milestone for the year.  As of this time last year, I had only ran 360 miles for the year but at the end of this run I am at 506 miles for the year.  I am still running a little behind on my goal for 1000 miles this year but I'm sure with marathon training coming up, I will be able to reach that goal pretty easy.

I started this blog when I first got started in my weight loss journey and after almost a year, I stopped writing.  I didn't think I had anything else to say and it was taking up, what I thought, a lot of time to sit down and write each post.  When I started to training last June for my first half marathon I started writing again and have enjoyed every single moment I have put into writing and changing the look of my blog.  With that being said, I don't write post to brag about my accomplishments but to help others, like you, and to encourage.  I believe if I can do this, anyone can!  Since I've been running on 350, I have been given high-fives by some of the fastest and long distance runners that I know.  I get them because I ran a new distance or I ran my fastest that day.  I "stole" this graphic from Paul in the Truckin' Runners group and had to comment on it.  I can honestly say that is what everyone one of the members of this group do.  That is also what everyone in my local group do too.  I can't help but think that most running groups are like that too because of all the other runners I have been around at running events.  I know I'm not the fastest and I can't run as far as some but I am not out there for anyone else.  I am out there for ME!  I don't care if you are running your first mile or your 2000th mile (like I did a couple of weeks ago), I will cheer you on!

Thanks for stopping by this week.  Whether it's your first time here or you have read all of the previous 101 post, thank you for being a part of my journey and reading what I have to say.  Hope to see you again next week.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Snack Time

I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day last week and got some great running or exercise in while you were on vacation, if you were off.  I wasn't off but did manage to get in just over 28 miles for the week over three days.  I ran 7.25 on Monday, 6 on Thursday and 15 on Saturday.  I was really proud of Saturday's run too because I was out with my new friend, Steve, and he set a new personal best for distance.  We had a great time chatting and running together.

Three weeks ago, I wrote about some healthy things you can eat instead of the "junk" food that you'd normally eat and how to save on calories.  This week, I want to cover another subject that I was asked about right after that and it concerns snacks.  I was asked what I snacked and gave a brief answer and thought I'd cover it here for a more drawn out answer.

One of my favorite things to snack on is a banana.  They normally only have between 90-105 calories so that is a nice snack and they full of things that your body needs.  Here is a link to some nutritional information.

My next go to thing is an apple.  I generally buy the kind that are already sliced because they are almost as cheap that way and I don't have to worry about cutting them up and getting rid of the core.  They kind that I get have only 80 calories and have the same amount of fiber, which keeps you full longer, and less carbs than the banana.  Here is a link for the nutritional information of apples.

Next on my list are cherries.  I try to get these on sale because they can be expensive.  I bought some this last weekend for $2.25 a pound and that is about the right price range.  However, I have seen them as high as $4.95 a pound too.  Here is a link for the nutritional information of cherries.

Now sometimes we can always eat fresh fruit and have to eat "out of a box".  What are some healthy choices there?  Yogurt is my go to snack mainly because it has so much protein.  Next on the list is a PB&J sandwich.  I normally will eat a whole sandwich but if it has been a while since I've eaten and I am going on a run I will eat only a half.  I make my sandwich with Nature's Own Honey 7 Grain bread and either grape, blueberry, or strawberry Simply Fruit.  I don't eat "regular" jelly because it has HFCS in it.  I have used the "natural" jelly but only buy the grape because the first ingredient of the strawberry jelly is SUGAR!  Sugar is natural but do you really want it to be the first ingredient, which means there is more of it than any other thing listed after.  When I get bread, I always choose a bread that doesn't have HFCS.

What do you like to eat for your snacks?  Please leave your comments below.  Thanks for stopping by and I will see you again next week.