Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Chasing Our Shadow

I got lazy writing my post during the Memorial Day holiday but I didn't slack on getting my miles.  The week that ended the day before Memorial Day I ran a total of 25.5 miles.  I got lucky and got to run during the week again on the Greenway Passage in Evansville, IN, that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.  I made it all the way to the Ohio River at about the 4 mile mark.  If you ever get the chance to run on this trail then do so.  You will remember it for a long time.  Unfortunately, I didn't carry my iPhone with me to take pictures because I thought the rain was going to move in but it never did.
During that run, my Garmin 405 decided to die on me. I thought I'd charged the battery but when I plugged it up it had 0% charge. To make a long story short, I called Garmin and was told it was probably the battery and they could send me a refurbished 405 for a fee. Needless to say, I paid the fee and as of this writing my "new" is on the way.

The Saturday and Sunday before the holiday I ran 10 miles on 350 and 7.4 on the Coke route.  While Jeff and I were running on Sunday morning, we were talking about racing and competing.  Neither of us really compete against other runners at the race but if we place the that is the icing on the cake.  As we were talking and having this conversation, I pointed toward the ground in front of me and said, "That's who I'm competing against right there!"  At the time the sun was to our back and our shadows were "running" just in front of us.

This past Saturday I ran the Butterfly 5K in Waynesboro, TN.  Let me tell you, if you haven't ran this race and you live close then it is one your should run next year.  Not only does it benefit a great charity but the race is absolutely the best 5K I have ever ran.  The race director, Jim Beavers, personally invited me to it during the Rotary Run in the Park back in April and I'm so glad that I went.  The course is partly on the highway but the traffic control and the support were great.  I heard that it took 60 volunteers to pull it off and they did just that.  It's a race that I'm looking forward to running again next year.  I had hoped to run a PR and do it under 30 minutes but it was warm and I ran a 31:24.  I was still proud and that is a good time too!

Earlier in the week I two other days of with 7 miles and 3.1 miles so my total for the week was only 13.2 miles.  I slept in on Sunday and did run at all.  I made up for it on Monday but I'll have to tell you about that next week.

Thanks for stopping by this week and hope to see you again next week.

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