Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Small Changes Add Up

It's starting to warm up even more here in Mississippi and I haven't made it to the point that I'm comfortable running in the heat just yet.  I had to carry my truck by the shop on Wednesday and was going to do loops around the parking lot until my truck was fixed but I only made it 1.55 miles because it was so hot.  The temp at the time was 93!

I tried again on Saturday morning and when the group started it was nice.  My first 12 miles or so were pretty good but after that it was all downhill.  Jeff and I ran up the ridge road and when we got back I told him, "You just go on ahead and you can just come back and get me when you finish.  I'll just take whatever I have at that time."  I still ended up with 14.4 miles but my pace was really off at 12 minute miles.

Last week I told you I had a big announcement to make.  I already knew when I posted last week but didn't want to reveal "my secret" until Wednesday.  I did post on the Facebook page for this blog and a little later on my Facebook page.  Three years ago this month, I met Kenneth Williams and asked him about running.  It has taken me that long to prepare for what I'm going to do in December.  I have registered for the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, AL.  I'm excited and nervous at the same time!  Jeff is running the marathon at St Jude the weekend before and then running the RCM too!  Thankfully I'm only running the half at St Jude.

Most of you know that I drive a truck and while I'm out on the road it isn't always easy getting a healthy meal.  I do carry a cooler with me and that makes it a little easier.  Although I am not the only one that has made small changes over the last two and a half years, I have made some.  I have written before about what I eat but sometimes we need to hear things again.  I have, and still am, making little adjustments in my diet that over time will make a big difference.

One of the changes that I made was back in February.  I started putting almond milk on my cereal and drinking it instead of using regular milk.  According to the package, almond milk has 50% more calcium than regular milk.  That isn't the reason I switched.  The reason was because I had been drinking 1% milk and it has 102 calories per 8 oz.  That doesn't seem like a lot but if you compare it to 30 calories in almond milk and you drink one cup a day, that adds up to 1 pound of weight loss every 7 weeks.

One of my favorite changes are dates.  I will eat a serving of dates (5-6) instead of eating a candy bar.  They are naturally sweet and are so good.  Not to mention the fiber that is in them that makes you feel full longer than a candy bar will.  I'm not say I don't eat candy bars anymore.  I'm just saying I eat fewer of them.

I mentioned cereal when I was talking about almond milk.  It is hard to find a cereal that I don't want to just eat the whole box in one sitting.  Some cereals also require me to eat more than "one serving" because it just doesn't satisfy me.  Take for example Cheerios.  I will eat two cups of them for a total of 200 calories.  Add in the almond milk and a cup of yogurt (80 calories) and I have a total of 340 calories.  On the other hand, I also like to eat Kashi Go Lean Crunch.  One cup of it has 200 calories.  I can eat just one cup of it because of the fiber and protein in it and then add on the other stuff for the same amount of calories.  I do change it up from time to time and eat a banana, some apple slices or might even drink a cup of orange juice.  I don't want to get bored by eating the same thing all the time.

I've been made fun of for making this change.  It's not one that I do all the time but quite a bit.  Instead of having chips with my sandwich, I will have celery.  I know most people like the salty taste of chips but I think I like the crunch better and celery has that "crunch".  Again, here we go with the math.  An average serving of chips has 140 calories.  And since I usually eat 2 servings of celery I will use it in my example.  Instead of eating the 140 calories in the chips, if you changed just three times a week to eating celery you will have saved 330 calories per week or 1 pound in just under 11 weeks.  See how easy it is?

How have you made little changes in your diet to help you?  I'd like to hear.  Please leave your comments below.

That's going to do it for me this week and you will want to come back for sure next week.  It will be the 100th post and I have something very special planned to share with you.


  1. The Small Changes Do Add Up Over Time. Great Post. Thanks For All The Advice, Support, And Encouragement.

    1. Pat, not sure how much my advice is worth (I guess you do get what you pay for) but thank you for visiting and reading my blog. It's something that I almost gave up on a few months ago but I really enjoy doing it.

  2. Let the haters fuel your fire Jeremy. Those that like to make fun are jealous of your success. Keep up the great work. You inspire more than you know.

    1. Jon, the ones that do try to "drag me down" are what fuels my fire! I vaguely remember that person that used to look back at me in the mirror that was, to put it bluntly, so unhealthy. I have told many people the last few months and I mean it that I feel more alive today than I have in my entire life. Well, atleast that I can remember anyway.

      Thank you for your kind comments and thank you for inspiring me! We both know how hard it is to live a healthier lifestyle while driving a truck. You keep up the great work as well.