Friday, December 6, 2013

Greatest Lessons Learned

I'm getting pretty good at writing essays and had to write another one for my final exam yesterday.  The topic we had to write about was three of the greatest lessons we have learned over the last year.  I put this together and revised it in just under an hour.  Hope you enjoy it! 

     I can see the picture in my mind.  It is a picture of a pelican that is about to swallow a frog.  However, the frog has it's arm out and the hands of the frog are wrapped around the  pelican's throat.  Below the picture in bold letters are the words, "Never give up!"  The lessons I have learned over the past year have given me that exact attitude.
     Losing weight for me is easy.  It is keeping it off that is the hard part.  Experts say, if someone can keep weight off for three years, they probably won't gain it back.  This past October has been three years since I started on my weight loss journey.  I have kept over thirty-five pounds off since I lost it.  After all this time, I have learned that if I set my mind to it, then I can do it.   
     Running a race is one thing, but seeing things from the other side is entirely different.  During a recent race, I was working at a water stop and as most of the runners ran by, they would offer words of thanks.  I now understand what the volunteers at events do.  They give their time to others, so they can have a great experience.  The lesson I learned here is that a person should be willing to give of themselves to make life more enjoyable for those around them.
     This past summer was so hot for me as a runner.  Every Saturday, I would hit the floor early, drive out to a certain spot and meet my running friends.  The heat was just brutal to me.  I wanted to give up and go home.  With encouraging words from my friends, I learned to not give up because in the end it is worth it.
    Can these lessons be applied to other areas of life?  I am sure they can.  Those areas might include marriage, friendships, or a job. I do believe that when a person sets their mind to do something, gives of themselves, and doesn't give up, anything can be accomplished.

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