Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

I can’t believe that the month of March is almost over but it is. I have accomplished so much this month and am looking forward to April. This month I ran a total of 50.7 miles in under 10 hours. In February I ran 50.3 miles and it took me over 25 more minutes to do it. For the year right now I have a total of 158.9 miles. Who would have ever thought that I could do that many miles in three years much less three months.

The scales were not on my side this week because I didn’t lose any weight but I didn’t gain any either. Looks like this is going to be the norm for a while. It’s hard for me not to eat my exercise calories because I get so hungry after an hour long workout. I am still trying to choose healthy foods too.

Yesterday I posted on my Facebook page that I was going to try an eliminate something out of my diet. I had one person to guess that it was going to be pork and another guessed pasta. The truth is that I do like pork but I really don’t eat a lot of it and pasta is hardly ever on my menu unless I go to Olive Garden. The thing that I plan to get rid off is soda. I will be putting a timer here on the blog in the near future to keep track of the number of days that I have been without soda and see how long I can go. My initial goal is going to be 90 days. If I do drink any soda I will reset the timer. I won’t be cutting out coffee or tea but I don’t sweeten them with sugar anyway. I can’t remember the last time that I had a soda with sugar. It has been only diet soda for a while. I will continue to use sugar free creamer in my coffee and Splenda in my tea.

That’s going to do me for this week. Hope you all have a great one!


  1. What Helped Me cut down on soda,Was those little Packets that are 10 in a box you add to a bottle of water at wal mart,,,,low carbs and cals.,,,works for me,and you need a lot of water,,,

  2. What helps me is Zero Calorie Vitamin water. I need something with taste to drink and this helps. I also drink a lot of iced tea which I can add a little Splenda to. Maybe I will join you for those 90 days of no soda. :)