Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Like Brothers and Sisters

It's hard for me to believe that it is almost time again for the Coke 10K that is held every year on the first Saturday of May and starts in beautiful downtown Corinth, Mississippi.  While growing up in nearby Walnut, MS, I remember going to Corinth many times and getting to eat at McDonald's.  I really don't even think I got to see the inside of that McDonald's until I was almost out of school.

After moving to this great city just over two years ago, I have come to love it almost as if I were raised here.  I have made many friends throughout the city and the ones that I run with I have grown to love them as my brothers and sisters.  If you're not one of the locals and reading this, please check out this site of the Corinth Area Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

I only had the chance to run on the weekend this past week but they were great runs.  I ran 9 miles on Saturday morning and some of it was in the rain.  I was going to go to 350 but Koach changed his mind and so did I.  I was going to meet Jeff & Joel on the Coke course but somehow we missed each other.  I started a little earlier than they did and ran the course in reverse and when I met them I was going to turn around and run with them.  I met up with Jenni about a mile into my run and we ran around the course and was going to make another loop but when we didn't see Jeff & Joel, we went and ran a different route back toward the church where Jenni was parked.  The rain had been falling in the first part of my run but it had quite for the most part and my shirt was almost dry.  We got less than a mile from our stopping point and the rain started falling again and this time it was cold.  When we got to the Fourth St bridge, I decided to turn around and head back to the house.  I still had to stretch it out a little to make sure that I got in 9 before I quit.

Since I didn't have anyone to take me up on my offer to run on Sunday morning, I didn't want to get up and go out the door.  I did anyway.  I had bought me a new pair of running shorts on Saturday and wanted to wear them before the race this coming Saturday.  I made a big loop around town and ended up with 7 miles and didn't get rained on but it was so stinking humid!

Thanks for stopping by and if you're running the Coke this weekend, look me up and say HI.

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