Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thankful I Get To Run

My week of vacation finally arrived and I got a lot of exercise and ate lots of junk food too.  Now it's back to work and I'm ready to start eating things that are good for my body again.  I still ate some fresh fruit this week but not as much as I usually do.

I started my week off with a nice run in Murfreesboro, TN, on the greenway.  I wasn't sure what route I needed to go and ended up in the Stones River Battlefield.  I was a nice trail through the battlefield where only pedestrians were allowed.  As I ran along, I saw a deer up ahead of me and she acted like she wasn't even scared.  I stopped to take her picture and took some video too.  I thought she was going to run off but she stopped and then I went on my way.  After getting back on the greenway, I saw lots of people either walking, running or riding bikes.  I saw 40 people and then stopped counting.  Talked to a guy who said it was crowded on the weekend.  After going out and then back to the hotel, I ended up with 9.5 miles and it was just then warming up.

I had planned on running again on the greenway but going in a different direction on Wednesday but when I got up it was raining so I just went back to sleep.  After we got home that afternoon, I had to get the bike out and ride for a while and rode 13.1 miles.  It was much needed and was a great ride.

After making plans to run with Amy and Jeff on Thursday afternoon, I wasn't about to back out.  As I mentioned in last week's post, I just haven't felt motivated to run in this heat.  Amy and I left downtown and after a couple of miles, I was ready to turn around and just go back home and call it a day.  I did run a total of 6 miles but every single step was terrible.  After I finished I was glad it was in the books.

Friday morning was too beautiful to not get out so I took the bike out again.  This ride was on a route that I haven't even ran before and was something different.  After riding for 18.5 miles I felt that I still had gas in the tank and was feeling great.  I was wondering how my long run was going to go the next morning.

It wasn't very warm at 6am on Saturday but it was humid.  As always, I ran most of the first four miles alone and then Jeff and I teamed up and ran another 10 together.  It was by far my fastest 14 miler but after 3 hours and 14.3 miles I was glad it was in the books too.

I was going to get up and run Sunday morning but decided to stay in bed.  That afternoon I did go on a 17 mile bike ride and it was even better the the previous rides.  If I had known I would love a bike as much as I do, I would have gotten one a long time ago.

This past week I also became I college student again.  I'm only taking one online course but that will probably be enough for now.  With this blog, a college course, training for a marathon starting next week, a full-time trucking job and all the things I do as a family member, I'm sure I will be busy until mid-December.

A year ago, I reviewed the Fitbit Ultra here.  I used it until about a month ago and now have the Fitbit Flex.  It is similar in many ways but also different.  The Flex is worn on the wrist in a band and only has five lights on it.  It doesn't have a display but you can still get live information from it via your iPhone 4S or 5, iPad 3rd or 4th generation, iPad mini, or select Android devices.  Since I don't use an Android device, I can only tell you about the iPhone.  I only use my Flex with my iPhone 5.  If you don't have a compatible device then you can use the included dongle to sync wirelessly.  The Flex uses bluetooth to sync with the Fitbit website and you can see live stats via the mobile app.

Although I never wore the Ultra while running, I do wear the Flex while running because it is water-resistant.  They even encourage you to wear it in the shower but I don't do that either.

One last thing before I go.  I saw a quote on Facebook last Friday that I thought was so true.  It basically said, "We shouldn't fret over having to run tomorrow.  You should be thankful that you get to run!"

Thanks for stopping by this week and I hope to see you again next week.

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